Top 6 Best Air Purifier In India | Buying Guide & Product Features [updated 2023]

In today’s environment, air fresheners evoke a sense of majesty and serve as a mark of status. Everyone enjoys a pleasant-smelling environment because it can lift one’s spirits. Best air purifier in india come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best air purifier is indeed a piece of internal equipment that screens home or commercial air to remove pollution, improve air quality, and purify the atmosphere. The goal of this gadget is to avoid asthmatic and allergies issues in those who are at risk of being exposed to hazardous residue or allergen by limiting the spread of hazardous residue or allergies. Because of the mood-enhancing properties of air fresheners, they are frequently used. They are used to purify the surroundings by providing a pleasant odor and feel. When we smell or feel something, our minds react swiftly.

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Buying Guide

Air fresheners are available as a stand-alone item as well as part of a larger package. Air conditioners, for example, frequently include built-in air fresheners that create a pleasant odor. Air purifiers may often aid in marketing because the smell has a visible effect on the individual. As a result, air fresheners have a critical function in a person’s personal economy and attitude. We have listed down the best five among the top 10 air purifiers in India for your assistance. All the products that we have listed are the best air purifier in India with prices for each product given so that you can choose the best for yourself.

Individuals who never had any specific issues but want to preserve their well-being or of their friends and relatives using these gadgets as a preventative measure. As a result, air purifiers are all first and primarily equipment focused on reducing environmental pollutants and improving interior air pollution. These are a few things that you must keep in mind before buying the top air purifiers for your home.

Size: Size varies from product to product
Features: Odour enhancer, Germ and bacteria destroyer, Sleep mode available for deep sleep, Attached remote.

Price Range: Rs. 2000-15000

Top 6 Best Air Purifiers In India | Buying Guide & Product Features

best home air purifier

1. AmazonBasics Air Purifier with 5-layer Filtration and Air Quality Indicator Best Premium pick

The sleek, portable design and quiet operation eliminate 99.97 percent of all pollutants and germs, ensuring that the oxygen you breathe is clean. It is suited for high rooms up to 43m in size and has a capability of 360m3/hour. It is considered the best room air purifier in India.
best air purifier in india

2. Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier Best Luxury Product

Vitashield IPS offers an increased clean air supply increase of approximately 270 m3/hr thanks to its wing efficiency and NanoProtect Professional Filter. This can eliminate hyper particulates as little as 0.02um with ease. It also removes hazardous gases like methanol and TVOC. Due to outdoor air pollution or everyday routines such as cooking and cleaning, interior PM2.5 levels can rise considerably above local requirements.
best purifier for home

3. Carrier Air One Table Top Room Air Purifier Best Premium Pick

A built-in aroma diffuser allows you to add your preferred scent to space. With a 4-step air pollution color indicator, you can keep track of the interior air quality easily. Switching on/off button, speed control, Child Lock, Filters Renewal Reminder, and Timer are among the controls. Airflow is adjusted automatically based on the quality of the interior air. Easily determine when your filter needs to be replaced.
The amount of pollutants in the environment, both outside and within, is becoming more of an issue.
best home air purifier

4. iBELL AP300Y Air Purifier Best Budget Buy

Including its 4 Stage Filtration, the iBELL AP300Y Air Purifier can supply air quality at a rate of up to 230 m3/hr. It is capable of removing ultrafine particles such as dust, germs, pollen, and smoke. Indoor PM2 filters out hazardous gases like formaldehyde, phenol, and TVOC. Due to outdoor pollution or regular activities such as cooking, cleaning, and so on, 5 levels might rise much above municipal restrictions. The precision air device can measure PM2.5 levels and increase the speed of the air purifier to combat pollution. The sleeping ultra-silent option was created with your sleep in mind.
best brand for air purifier

5. Glen Air Purifier Best Overall pick

The advanced characteristics of this device, such as the air quality indicator, 3 fan speeds, filter renewal indicator, automatic mode, power-saving function, and simple portability, make it a sensible investment for well-being.
top air purifiers for home

6. Havells Freshia Best Smart Choice

The air purifier from Havells is equipped with advanced HEPA technologies. With a 99.9% removal effectiveness, Havells air purifier can filter P.M. 2.5 up to 0.02 cosmology. Havells air purifier’s Max speed is one of the top air purifiers in India in the industry. Also, it offers an automatic mode, a silent method, and a life plus locking, as well as easy mobility. So, with Havells air purifier, keeping all toxic chemicals at bay and breathe in pure air each day. You won’t have to worry about household air pollution since the Havells Freshia Air Purifier can keep your surroundings as strong and hygienic as possible..

AmazonBasics Air Purifier with 5-layer Filtration and Air Quality Indicator

AmazonBasics Air Purifier with 5-layer Filtration and Air Quality Indicator

Rs.8549 Rs.11500
Best Premium pick
Amazon Basics is a budget-friendly air filtration which according to me tops the list of all air fresheners. The filter has an automated mode that analyzes the quality of the surrounding air and adjusts the speed of the fan accordingly. Intelligent night mode, deep sleep, and kid lock are all useful features that offer trouble-free best air quality all through the day.
  • Air purification that works
  • Panel of screen
  • Smart night mode on the air quality sensor
  • Adjusts to your requirements
  • Expensive

Special Features:

  • Hepa Filtration Oxygen Cleaner
  • 5 layers filtering
  • 360m3/hour capability
  • Excellent for moderate to huge rooms
  • The treatment area of up to 43m2.
  • Energy Efficient Particle Air Filter
  • The aerobic process to eliminate smells.
  • Modest noise level (35 dB)
  • Deep sleep mode
  • Adjusts the speed of the fan
  • Photodiode that turns off the screen
  • Wire harness with knobs for sleep state
  • System protocol
  • Child lock
  • True PM 2.5 showcase indicator
  • Air pollution indicator that changes color
  • Blue represents outstanding air quality
  • Green represents good
  • Orange represents medium
  • Red represents air pollution.

Product Specifications:

  • Colour: White
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 36 x 20 x 55.4 Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 6250 Grams
  • Noise Level: 35 dB
  • Price: Rs, 10000- 12000

Detailed Review:

The amount of pollutants in the environment, both outside and within, is becoming more of an issue. Indoor air can be five times as contaminated as ambient air, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Because interior air is not as well circulated as outdoor air, many airborne contaminants thrive inside. The best home air purifier can help to refresh noxious fumes, lowering the risk of health problems caused by indoor pollution, which can cause bacterial disease, neurological difficulties, and exacerbate asthma symptoms. Air purifiers of high quality remove a variety of indoor air quality, maintaining us healthy. 

The LCD panel keeps track of particle material and air pollution so you may breathe comfortably all day. For added safety, adjustable appliances and filtration have been rigorously tested under global standards.


Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

Rs9799 Rs.11995
Best Luxury Product
Philips purifier is considered one of the favorites of the Indian markets. In my opinion, Philips is an extremely trustworthy and the best brand for air purifiers and has already won the hearts of customers countrywide.
  • Auto-purification option for Vita Shield
  • Child safety lock
  • The benefits of clean air are numerous.
  • Sensor mode for the night
  • Cleansing mode on its own
  • Expensive

Special Features:

  • Vitashield Smart detects pollution levels
  • Eliminates 99.9% of air particles
  • CADR of 270 m3/hour
  • Cleans a conventional space within 12 minutes
  • Pre-filter
  • Activated charcoal filters
  • Double H13 Type TRUE HEPA Filter
  • Four-stage purification process
  • A four-color air pollution display
  • Provides real-time air pollution information.
  • Eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • Proven to eradicate the H1N1 virus from the air
  • Allergen safe quality

Product Specification :

  • Colour: White
  • Brand: PHILIPS
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 32.5 x 54.1 x 21.1 Centimeters
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Item Weight: 5.24 Grams
  • Price: Rs, 18000- 200000

Detailed review:

The dashboard’s color ring, which ranges from blue to red, provides a clear perspective of pollution levels Its extra-thick NanoProtect HEPA filter is designed to provide outstanding particle filtration and longevity. The night detecting function is a brand-new technology created specifically for your sleep As you sleep, you can rest certain that your air quality is being monitored and that clean air is being delivered. It is as silent as a murmur, allowing you or your household to get a better night’s sleep.


Carrier Air One Table Top Room Air Purifier

Carrier Air One Table Top Room Air Purifier

Rs. 8500 Rs.11500
Best Premium Pick
Carrier air fresheners are compatible tabletop air purifiers and can be the best purifier for home which I would love to accommodate in my study room! It is pocket-friendly and has outstanding features.
  • Easy to Use Aroma Sprayer
  • Automated Mode
  • Reminder to Replace Filters
  • Mode of sleep
  • Not very powerful

Special Features:

  • Just use Aromatherapy diffusion
  • PM2.5 color indicator
  • Two-stage filtering process
  • Includes a pre-filter and a HEPA H11 filter
  • 2 fan speeds to control airflow
  • Auto mode adjusts the air circulation
  • Enhances the effectiveness of the pollution levels
  • With the color indication switched off
  • Sleep mode is used for reduced sound activities
  • Recall to Replace Filters

Product Specification :

  • Colour: White
  • Brand: Carrier
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 22.5 x 22.5 x 31 Centimeters
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Item Weight: 3.3 Kilograms
  • Price: Rs. 11000- 14000

Detailed review:

Indoor air can be five times as contaminated as ambient air, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Because interior air is not as well circulated as outdoor air, many airborne contaminants thrive inside. Air purifiers can help to refresh noxious fumes, lowering the risk of health problems caused by indoor pollution, which can cause bacterial disease, neurological difficulties, and exacerbate asthma symptoms. Air purifiers of high quality remove a variety of indoor air quality, maintaining us healthy. 


iBELL AP300Y Air Purifier

iBELL AP300Y Air Purifier

Rs.6000 Rs.13000
Best Budget Buy
Ibells’ low noise and muted or turned off lighting assist you and your relatives’ nap. The filter replacement feature alerts you whenever it’s necessary to shift the filters. As a result, you can always expect cleaner air.  According to my, this is worth a try!
  • Filter (HEPA)
  • Controls are simple
  • Automated Mode
  • Effective coverage
  • Mode Ultraviolet
  • Expensive

Special Features:

  • True HEPA Filter
  • 99.97% flow rate for pollutants
  • Touchscreen handling is superb
  • The CADR exceptionally high
  • Display of the temperature within the house
  • A cordless control system is included
  • 40 Watts of energy system capacity mode
  • UV sterilization
  • Sleep ultra-quietly
  • Three wind speed settings

Product Specifications:

  • Colour Name: White | AP300Y
  • Colour: White | AP300Y
  • Brand: IBELL
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 33 x 20 x 51 Centimeters
  • Control Method: Remote, Touch
  • Floor Area: 538 Square Feet
  • Price: Rs. 7000

Detailed review:

The air conditioner quickly cleanses your bed air for bed and closely monitors the quality of your bedroom breathing, ensuring that you sleep with clean air. 

The dashboard’s color system, which ranges from green to red, gives a clear picture of air quality. The effective composite HEPA is designed for enhanced particle filtration effectiveness and lifespan. Air is drawn in through the side and the base. Clean air is released from the bottom at an angle that ensures optimal air circulation. No rough edges, a pro design, and zero filtration exposure guarantee that your kids are not harmed if they come into contact with the house air purifier. It has a low Operational Noise of 55dB


Glen Air Purifier

Glen Air Purifier

Rs.6995 Rs.13995
Best Overall pick
Glen air purifier is one of the widely found and used air fresheners. Its variety of odor options refreshes the mood. It comes with easy remote control for operating the appliance from a range. The hue of the led indicator varies in response to the air quality in the space.
  • Chilly Catalyst Filtration Carbon Funnel
  • Control from afar
  • Indicator of Air Quality
  • Mode of sleep
  • No child lock

Special Features:

  • 5 Stages Filtration for 99.9%
  • Clean Air Purifiers to support your home from indoor air pollutants
  • Constructed Ionizer
  • Pre-filter + a HEPA filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter, Cold Catalyst Filter
  • Air Quality and Filter Replacement Indicators
  • Auto and Sleep Modes
  • Remote control
  • Three fan speeds
  • Eight-hour time
  • Effectively removes contaminants from the air

Product Specification :

  • Colour: Silver
  • Brand: Glen
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 33.5 x 19 x 59 Centimeters
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Item Weight: 6.5 Kilograms
  • Price: Rs. 7000- 9000
  • Item Weight: 1.92 Kilograms
  • Wattage: 28 W
  • Country of Origin: China

Detailed review:

Whenever the device is turned on, the air pollution light indication illuminates automatically. The majority of operations are available via remote control, making it easy to use the air purifier from a distance. When fans operate at a medium altitude in a sleep state, only anion and sleeping light are on, and the remainder of the icons are turned off. Allergen, dirt, germs, smoking cigarettes, and toxic air pollutants are effectively removed from carpets, floor, and cleaning products, and poisonous pollutants such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene are decomposed. HEPA can eliminate 99.97% of particulates with a diameter greater than 0.3 microns


Havells Freshia AP-20 40-Watt Air Purifier

Havells Freshia AP-20 40-Watt Air Purifier

Rs.9895 Rs.14490
Best Smart Choice
Havells offers a quiet mode and safety plus lock, as well as easy movement, making it ideal for your house. TheHEPA Air Technology in Havells Freshia Air Purifier removes harmful pollutants from the indoor air. Using a five-stage procedure, the exhaust system eliminates practically all contaminants from the interior air.
  • Has color indications1K/1W)
  • Modern Filtration Technology
  • It’s HEPA Technology Reduces bad odor and smoke
  • Promotes Clean Air Delivery
  • Not very powerful

Special Features:

  • Hepa Filtration Technology
  • Noise-cancelling BLDC Motor
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier Type – Room
  • Filtration Method – True HEPA Advanced technologies
  • Noise-cancelling BLDC Motor
  • 215 sq ft / 20 sq m of the service area, ideal for rooms
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate):180 m3/hr (215 square feet)
  • 40 watts with three levels of fan speed
  • Sleep mode
  • Customizable timer setting
  • Automated filter renewal reminders
  • Filters to 0.3 micron
  • 2.5 AiroFresh Technologies
  • 5 Filtration Phases: Cold-Catalyst, Electrical Equipment, Antimicrobial, and HEPA

Product Specification :

  • Colour: White, Blue
  • Brand: Havells
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 33 x 18 x 50.5 Centimeters
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Item Weight: 6 Kilograms
  • Price: Rs. 10000-12000

Detailed review:

This filter, which is fitted with an innovative HEPA air purifier, ensures that the indoor environment is safe, healthy, and free of contaminants. With a 99.18 cent chopping down, the Havells air conditioner can filter P.M. 2.5 up to 0.3-millimeter pollutants. 

The HEPA technology is designed for high filtration efficiency and long life against airborne contaminants. This is the amount of cleansed air that an air purifier can create in an hour (in cubic meters). All household odors, such as cooking odors, pet odors, smoke, and so on, are removed and neutralized by the Havells Freshia Air Purifier. As a result, the air is cleaner and more refreshing to breathe. The Havells Freshia Air Purifier has 5 stages of filtration and is equipped with Smart Air Technology. HEPA Technologies, Pre-Filter, Cold Catalysis, Activated Carbon, Antimicrobial, and Cool Catalyst Sleep mode, customizable timer setting, automated filter change reminder, and an aroma sensor are all safety features on the Havells Freshia Air Purifier that make it easier to regulate and run. There are three color indicators on the Air Purifier: Green is a positive color. Moderate (orange), Red indicates a bad situation.

How have I ranked the products in this list of best air purifiers in India?

The best air purifier in this article was listed based on customer reviews and customer satisfaction in each product. They were studied and picked from the top brands. They have been listed according to ratings, the one with a higher rating is on the top and the next product goes along. They are selected from within a budget and ones which could accelerate the experience of your living. 

Care and Maintenance

The maintenance costs are determined by how frequently you must replace your filter. Your HEPA filter usage should also be factored into your energy expenditure. Washable filters are included in certain air purifiers, such as those with UV lights, however, they require more watts to operate. This may result in an increase in your electricity bill. Since many bacteria are UV-r, UV light cleaning products may not be as efficient as HEPA air cleaners. HEPA air purifiers are energy-efficient, but for best results, the filters should be cleaned every three months. Filter replacement costs about $100 per year on average. If you buy an actual purifier with multiple filters, you may wind up spending more money on filter replacement. If your air purifier has HEPA and activated charcoal filters, for example, you’ll need to replace both sensors every 3 to 4 months. 

  • Pre-filters are washable, so wash them on a regular basis. Make sure the space around the air purifier is clean.
  • Place an air purifier where it may freely absorb air.
  • Nothing should be placed on top of an air purifier.
  • When cleaning an air purifier, never use detergent or other chemicals.
  • Before unplugging the air purifier, be sure it’s off, before cleaning turn off the air purifier and unplug it
  • You can clean the outer portions of the air purifier with a dry or moist cloth; however, you should always use a dry cloth to clean the HEPA and Carbon filters, which are not washable and should never be vacuumed.
  • Permanent filters should be cleaned at least once every three months, and they should be checked every two weeks.

Air purifiers are in high demand due to a lack of ventilation in households. They help to reduce air pollution, but their filtration has a limit. Most filters are only effective for two to three years, while others might last up to a year. Continue to monitor the air filter indication to ensure that you change filters at the appropriate times and maintain a clean interior space.


1. Do home air purifiers really work?

Filtering the air can help remove dangerous particles from indoor environments, such as allergies, smoke, and mould, according to research.
Still, air purifiers are most effective when used in conjunction with adequate filtration and cleaning practices in the home.
Improve indoor air quality by reducing allergens.

2. Are air purifiers a waste of money?

Purifiers are well worth the investment.
If you look for one that meets the criteria we listed above, they are not a waste of money.
We hope you learned something new about air purifiers, how they function, and why you should get one after reading this post.

3. Do HEPA filters remove viruses?

However, if a HEPA system is used for a long period of time, it may remove a large number of viruses – in the upper ninetieth percentile (99.94 to 99.97 per cent).
Some viruses, including COVID-19, can be rendered inactive by prolonged exposure to UV radiation in an air-purifying system.

4. Are HEPA air purifiers worth it?

True HEPA filters are good at removing extremely fine particles in the home, such as dirt, pollen, insects, mould, and other allergies.
In a lab setting, the machine must be able to eliminate at least 99.97 per cent of particles exceeding 0.3-micron diameter, according to industry standards.

5. Does every room need an air purifier?

It is not necessary to have an air purifier in every room.
If you look at our list of the finest air purifiers, you'll notice that the majority of them can purify the air in an area of 500 square feet or less.
However, having an air filter in each room is generally suggested.

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